Radio and Television Center


The Radio and Television Center (RTC) is part of the Bachelor's Faculty of NBU and is an actively functioning learning and creative place in which are held auditorium, training and practical classes. Audio-visual production is created by students and teachers with or without external partners, as well as a production presenting events from the academic life at NBU. The center also works actively on external projects.



  • Academic and practical activities of students from the programs of cinema and television, animation, journalism, sound directing, telecommunications, advertising, music, theater, etc.
  • Creative projects of students and teachers from NBU, as well as jointly with other higher schools and institutions.
  • Preparation for student participation in festivals, forums and competitions.
  • Support and provision of a base and technique for the realization of diploma projects.
  • Creation and development of university television (NBUTV) and university radio.
  • Recording, processing and editing of audiovisual, animation and music production.
  • Presentation of a year-round cinema program.
  • Providing services and consulting for internal and external users.
  • Initiatives to increase the attractiveness of the NBU and its programs by creating audio-visual content.
  • Implementation of external projects and orders for audio-visual products.