Radio and Television Center

Arts council


Prof. Lyudmil Hristov - Director of RTC



Assoc. Prof. Kristiyan Postadzhiyan, Ph.D. -  Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

  1. Prof. Snezhina Petrova - Head of the "Theatre" Department
  2. Prof. Yordan Eftimov Ph.D. - lecturer in the Department of "New Bulgarian Studies"
  3. Elena Gyurova - Director of the "External Communications" Office




  1. Assists the Director in the planning of creative projects in the RTC
  2. Participates in the creation and updating of the concept for NBU television and radio
  3. Gives recommendations in case of non-observance of freedom of speech and personal responsibility of journalistic work, in case of violation of the ethics code of the media and of the NBU, as well as in case of creative and copyright disputes.
  4. It also discusses other issues related to the RTC's activities when referred to it by the Chairman of the Arts Council.